Priority is now an Oracle Micros POS Payment Service Provider

Priority is now an Oracle Micros POS Payment Service Provider

Experience the Power of MX™ Merchant + Oracle Micros POS

As part of a new partnership with Oracle Micros, Priority is now an Oracle Micros PSP (Payment Service Provider), offering a seamless integration with the OPI (Oracle Payment Interface) for fast and secure payments for food and beverage merchants.

Our latest integration with Oracle gives you the opportunity to approach food and beverage merchants utilizing Micros POS systems (see specific versions below)… what a great new conversation starter! With Priority’s special partnership, the additional Merchant-Link transaction fee is eliminated—adding additional revenue opportunities for you and possible savings for your merchants! And, as with all MX™ integrations, live transaction reporting is available in MX™ Merchant.

Payment & Transaction Types Supported:

  • EMV Chip & PIN/EMV Chip & Sign
  • Keyed/Contactless/Swipe
  • Sale/Purchase
  • Void
  • Refund
  • Gratuity
  • Pre Auth
  • Sale Completion

Prior to setup, it is important to first confirm Micros software compatibility with the merchant by using the compatibility chart shown in the Activation Guide. The Micros dealer or merchant are required to complete the middleware configuration of the Micros system. The following requirements must be met for implementation:

  • The MX™ Gateway is required for use.
  • A Dejavoo Z Series terminal is required for use. Merchants with any 3rd party integrated devices will be required to purchase a Dejavoo Z Series (Dejavoo Z3, 6, 8, 9, & 11) terminal from Priority, unless the existing Dejavoo hardware is unlocked and may be re-programmed.

Ready to Get Started?

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