Our Partnership with Pipe: Revolutionizing Access to Capital for Priority Businesses

Our Partnership with Pipe: Revolutionizing Access to Capital for Priority Businesses

Empowering Business Growth: The Priority and Pipe Partnership

At a time when access to funding is critical for small and mid-sized businesses, Priority has taken a monumental step forward. By partnering with Pipe, a leader in modern, frictionless funding solutions, we are breaking new ground to provide unparalleled access to capital for the businesses we support. This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it’s a commitment to fuel business growth and innovation across the Priority Commerce Engine.

Seamless Integration, Unlimited Possibilities

We have seamlessly integrated Pipe’s capital solution directly into our MX™ Merchant dashboard. This integration removes traditional barriers to funding, offering our clients a direct, uncomplicated path to obtaining the capital they need to expand without the deterrents of credit checks, prohibitive rates, or complex terms.

Thomas Priore, Chairman and CEO of Priority, shares his vision: “Our mission is to redefine how companies of any size manage their finances. Providing our customers with access to Pipe’s funding is a natural extension of this mission, simplifying business operations and fostering growth for entrepreneurs dedicated to building remarkable businesses.”

How does this benefit businesses using Priority?

With Priority Capital, accessing funds is a straightforward, transparent process. Businesses are pre-approved by their transaction data in MX™ Merchant, enabling them to secure funding through a few simple steps on their dashboard. This process doesn’t just open up access to capital; it aligns it perfectly with a business’s sales cycles for true flexibility.

Benefits for Priority businesses include:

  • Competitive Capital Costs: A more affordable alternative to high-interest funding options.
  • Fast Access: Qualifying businesses can receive funds within hours after approval, subject to their bank’s deposit hold policies.
  • Flexible Payment: Payments are a percentage of revenue, ensuring they adjust to the business’s sales cycles.
  • Transparent Terms: One straightforward fee paid over time, with no hidden costs, interest, or requirement for personal collateral.

To explore the new solution, businesses can login to their MX™ Merchant platform and navigate to the new Priority Capital tab where they can view their personalized offer and terms or sign up to express interest.

Looking Forward: A Universal Solution for Capital Access

The partnership between Priority and Pipe signifies a significant leap forward in our shared mission to foster growth for entrepreneurs. It’s not just about providing capital; it’s about integrating these solutions into the business’s operations, making access to funding as seamless as any other aspect of doing business.

This partnership is a testament to our dedication to empowering businesses. By joining forces with Pipe, we’re not just facilitating access to capital; we’re opening up a world of possibilities for entrepreneurs and businesses eager to achieve their full potential.