Webinar: Thomas Priore and Pipe on the power of embedded capital

Webinar: Thomas Priore and Pipe on the power of embedded capital

Dive into the future of finance with Priority CEO Thomas Priore and Pipe CEO Luke Voiles as they unravel the power of embedded capital. Perfect for PayFacs, ISVs, and ISOs eyeing growth without the hassle. In this webinar we explore the transformative impact of embedded finance on small businesses. Learn how Priority and Pipe are revolutionizing business financing, offering unprecedented access to financial services. Gain valuable insights into future trends, integration strategies, and the benefits for small businesses, fintech enthusiasts, and partners. Discover the role of embedded finance in customer relationships, business growth, and the financial landscape. Don’t miss expert insights into unlocking growth and improving customer engagement. Subscribe for more updates on fintech innovations and strategies. Pipe provides fast and frictionless access to working capital, while Priority offers leading payments and banking solutions.

What you can expect:

  • Why capital is a perfect gateway to a wide range of embedded financial products
  • What an embedded offering can do for your revenue, GPV, acquisition, and retention
  • How you can offer embedded capital without building a product from scratch

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