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The integration of payments and banking, Priority offers customized solutions that modernizes legacy platforms and accelerates software partners looking to monetize payments. We’re your capable and visionary tech partners providing solutions and integrations that are built on trust and a long-term vision. Our solutions are the only native platforms design for unified commerce.

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Our Enterprise Products

Our Enterprise

Our Enterprise

Our integrated payments and banking infrastructure for the merchants’ ecosystem. It features banking service APIs and a complete, end-to-end solution to collect, store and send money at scale with full regulatory compliance.

Passport provides an agile and a secure platform to onboard individual and business customers and supports them in conducting and managing financial transactions, using various major payment instruments such as ACH, Checks and Wires.

It caters to the needs of individuals or businesses that look for a robust system supporting:
• Efficient and automated disbursement of funds
• Fee collection and split payment capabilities
• Virtual account setup and KYC
• Smooth ledgering and reconciliation
• Operations infrastructure for compliance, payments & customer support

Our technology and support for consumer finance and wellness, CFTPay features transaction monitoring, draft authorization audits, fee collection practice monitoring, and more.

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