Drive value with every transaction

It’s time to go beyond AP automation with technology and experts who work together to move your suppliers to electronic payments that you can monetize. We understand that managing accounts payables can be inefficient and expensive. That’s why we offer a fully integrated payments platform that allows you maximize efficiency.
Monetize payments
Maximize efficiencies
Generate cash back/rebates
Reduce cost
Make Payments Profitable
Make Payments Profitable

Now you can stop duplicating efforts with disparate payment solutions and multiple payment providers who only address part of your needs.

Enjoy a simple and profitable end-to-end solution that lets you keep your current accounting platform and banking relationship.

CPX is a seamless solution that reduces your payment processing expenses while optimizing cash flow and delivering cash-back benefits. Plus, with multiple payment options, it can even help you strengthen your supplier relationships.

  • finance
    Boost Your Bottom Line
    Reduce your costs and monetize payments
  • finance
    Maximize Efficiency
    Leverage your existing ERP or AP System

ACH.COM is the integrated solution for CPX and the stand-alone ACH service of choice for businesses and institutions. Tap into this industry leading solution for less.


Don’t Just Take It From Us…

"We have seen platforms that go after rebate right away. But we value the strategic benefits of CPX, with rebate as the icing on the cake. This partnership and platform have helped us strategically transform cash flow management at the right time and at our pace."

Kyle Beld
Chief Financial Officer
Integrity Grading & Excavating, Inc.
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Learn how Integrity Grading & Excavating, Inc leverages CPX for cash flow management.

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