ACH.COM delivers the most trusted and cost-efficient automated clearing house (ACH) and electronic fund transfer transactions (EFT) for businesses, software solutions and financial institutions across the United States and Canada. Our all-encompassing, fully-customizable ACH processing system is an engine for your payment and compliance needs so that you can focus on your business. Join the banks, credit unions and organizations of all sizes that make us their third-party ACH processor of choice based on our technology, performance and people.


Power Payments Seamlessly
ACH.COM powers ACH and EFT payments seamlessly inside Priority CPX®, MX™ Merchant and dozens of leading financial business enterprise solutions. From the stable UI and API connections to the full suite of detailed reporting and underwriting services, our fully integrated platform is supported by experienced ACH experts including 5 AAPs.

Key Features

Expertise and Proven Success
ACH.COM has multiple AAPs (Accredited ACH Professionals) on staff dedicated to providing you with an A level of commitment and excellence in ACH payment expertise and knowledge.
Reliable and Real Time Reporting
ACH.COM offers you the most advanced online reporting capabilities, all in real time. We help you measure results with a myriad of checks and balances for all transactions and reports for analysis.
Customizeable Interface
Delivers a fully integrated, web-based and customizable interface that allows you to create transactions, upload system generated files (both manually and automatically) or set-up recurring transactions.
Highest Level of Customer Service
We ensure that you and your staff are trained based on your specific needs. Our customer care team will handle set-up, training and the ongoing needs for you or your originators.
Fraud Protection
We strengthen and protect your ability to identify possible fraudulent transactions with our innovative fraud protection technology. This unique solution provides multiple layers of security and ongoing risk assessment.
Tier 1 Processor with Fed Terminal on Premise
ACH.COM is one of the few processors in the nation entrusted with a Fed Terminal onsite. We offer greater flexibility than other providers.
Breaking down the step-by-step ACH process.


Authorizes, debit/credit from checking/savings account.

Consumers Uses

Smartphone, PC, tablet, or store visit to access the merchant

Merchant Uses

API, web or FTP to access ACH.COM


System processes transactions from merchants and validates them against a myriad of checks and balances.


Streamline Your Accounting Operations

Learn more about how ACH.COM helps you cut out the middle man to collect even more.


Gain greater payment control, accuracy and flexibility.