Plastiq: Pay Vendors With Credit Card

  • Free up cash.
  • Pay any vendor.
  • All with your credit card.
Plastiq payments dashboard

Float Payments, Increase Working Capital, and Earn Rewards with Every Bill You Pay.


Use your credit card to pay bills through Plastiq - even for vendors who don't accept cards


Hold onto your cash longer to fuel your business with working capital


Maximize credit terms and benefit from early pay discounts


Integrates with your existing accounting software


Earn card rewards just like any purchase


Manage expenses easily and effectively with the mobile app


Benefit from Priority - a name you can trust, leading payments and banking solutions

How It Works

Easily Manage Payments on the Go With Our Mobile App on iOS & Android

Plastiq pay

Step One

Connect Your Card to Your Plastiq Account

Plastiqe vendor payments

Step Two

Enter the Vendor Info and Payment Details

Plastiq pay

Step Three

Plastiq Charges Your Card Plus a Service Fee

Pay vendors with credit card

Step Four

Plastiq Pays Your Vendor in Their Preferred Format

Plastiq enables you to earn rewards like miles or cashback with your existing credit card.

Simplify vendor payments and earn rewards


Ready to get started?
Take your business’ working capital to the next level and pay vendors with a credit card. Reach out now to get started with Plastiq Payments.