MX™ Advantage for Convenience Fee & Service Fee Now Available

MX™ Advantage for Convenience Fee & Service Fee Now Available

Priority is excited to release two new feature sets for MX™ Advantage: Convenience Fee and Service Fee. In addition to MX™ Advantage for Surcharge, these latest solutions—Convenience Fee & Service Fee—are designed to help merchants save money. There are benefits for Priority ISO/Agents too! The MX™ Advantage Suite can help create opportunities in new industry verticals and add more revenue streams for your business.

Merchants may combine the MX™ Advantage Suite with the following MX™ Marketplace Apps, helping you to reduce attrition and add value:

  • MX™ Quick Pay
  • MX™ Invoice
  • MX™ Payment Links
  • MX™ QuickBooks Sync

And, the MX™ Advantage Suite is integrated with these Dejavoo solutions:

  • Z3 PIN Pad/Terminal
  • Z6 PIN Pad/Terminal
  • Z8 – Countertop Ethernet & WiFi
  • Z9 – 3G/4G & WiFi
  • Z9 – WiFi Only
  • Z11 – Countertop

Learn How to Activate Your Merchants

MX™ Advantage must be activated by you—the ISO/Agent—within MX™ Connect. Join us for an MX™ Advantage Suite Webinar on November 17 @ 3:30 PM EST. We’ll cover topics like how to activate each of the different features within MX™ Advantage and rules you and your merchants will want to consider before activating.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact our Relationship Management team today to learn more about how your merchants can take advantage of this new MX™ Merchant enhancement.