Introducing MX™ Medical Integration Engine: A Simplified Solution

Introducing MX™ Medical Integration Engine: A Simplified Solution

Priority Payment Systems and our partners at PayRight are excited to announce the release of MX™ Medical Integration Engine, a new feature enhancement to MX™ Medical.

We know that finding the right solution for healthcare Merchants can be confusing and cumbersome, so we’ve simplified MX™ Medical and made it even more powerful with MX™ Integration Engine — improving product usability so you can focus on business profitability and growth.

Our proprietary suite of products is specifically designed for medical, dental, and other healthcare customers, and MX™ Medical Integration Engine allows merchants to seamlessly integrate with their practice management system (PMS).

How does it work?

The MX™ Medical Integration Engine is comprised of local and cloud-based applications that communicate with MX™ Medical Payment Manager and map payment information into the PMS. Once payments are processed, they are loaded into the PMS automatically — requiring no additional work by the healthcare provider.

How do I get started reselling MX™ Medical?

MX™ Medical Integration Engine is designed to work with a merchant’s portfolio and can even be used with an existing MID. Buy rate pricing and setup information are available in the MX™ Medical folder within MX™ ISO/Agent.

Ready to get started?

Product information sheets, demo videos, and other sales materials are available via Priority University.

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