MX POS Retail Frequently Asked Questions

Is MX™ POS a cloud or system-based POS?

  • MX POS is a cloud-based solution. The database is locally available on each POS station but is synced to other stations through the cloud, allowing it to remain functional even with no internet connection.

Can MX™ POS Track my employees’ hours and wages?

  • Yes, our software has a full employee management module with detailed clock-in and clock-out functionality, including the tracking of overtime hours and breaks.
  • The merchant has the ability to add, delete, or modify any employee(s) to the system, along with the roles and permissions they have.

Does MX™ POS offer an employee scheduling tool?

  • Yes, MX POS has a built-in employee scheduler module that can set up weekly or monthly schedules for each employee. MX POS also has the ability to print or email a schedule to employees directly from the POS system.

Does MX™ POS have the ability to sell single bottles, 6 and 12 packs?

  • Yes, MX POS has a unit conversion module available on our software which enables a store manager to create multiple packaging for a menu item. For example, if a store is selling a single bottle of beer, a 6 pack, a 12 pack and an
    18 pack, all of the beers would have the same barcode. MX POS will show a unit selection screen once the barcode is scanned to select the respective pack size. MX POS can also track how many individual bottles or packs are sold.

Does MX™ POS have the ability to track received stock and send purchase orders to vendors?

  • Yes, MX POS has multiple ways to track incoming stock. You can create purchase orders (PO) through the back office and provide them to vendors, then mark that PO as received once the inventory has arrived. Additionally, you can add a Stock Received record each time you receive stock into the store without the use of a PO.

Does MX™ POS scan barcoded items?

  • Yes, MX POS has the ability to scan multiple barcodes and embedded barcodes.

Can an MX™ POS user make their own barcodes and/or print barcodes?

  • Yes, MX POS’s item/PLU module has the ability to create new barcodes for an item and print barcodes using a barcode label printer. You can print single barcode labels or print bulk labels.

Can MX™ POS process gift cards?

  • Yes, MX POS has partnered with Factor4 to provide high quality custom gift cards for our merchants that integrate seamlessly with the POS. They can be ordered from here: MX POS Gift Cards. Pricing for MX POS integrations can be found in your Reseller Agreement

Can MX™ POS do refunds and voids on credit cards?

  • Yes, MX POS has the ability to void completed credit card transactions and provide refunds to customers.

We have a meat or deli department - does MX™ POS carry an embedded barcode label maker scale?

  • Yes, MX POS has embedded barcodes functionality in our software. MX POS sells Torrey W-Label 40 lb – label printing scale which captures the weight of an item and prints the price according to its pre-programmed price per weight value. The POS will then be able to read the price listed on the barcode to correctly ring up the item.

Does MX™ POS have age verification functionality for my liquor store?

  • Yes, MX POS can integrate with an optional age verification scanner, to read all state issued ID cards and saves customer information for any future audits when age restricted items are purchased.

Does MX™ POS have any cash discounting functionality?

  • Yes, MX POS has cash discounting available as a feature. When enabled, the system will seamlessly increase the price of all items by whatever cash discount percentage is applied, and when a customer chooses to pay with cash, they will  have that percentage discounted from the order.

Does MX™ POS offer surcharging for purchases?

  • Yes, MX POS has credit card surcharging available as a feature. When enabled, any time a customer chooses to complete an order with a credit card, the surcharge fee will automatically be applied to the total.

What are MX™ POS’s tech support hours?

  • MX POS offers live technical support from 7AM – 12AM CST on weekdays and 7AM – 10:30PM CST on weekends and holidays.

How is MX™ POS’s installation and training done?

  • MX POS installation and training is performed over the phone. Prior to testing and shipping hardware, our Client Experience team will work with the merchant to set up and perfect their database to meet their business needs. Once Back Office training is scheduled your MX POS is shipped. Our team will schedule install and training around the arrival of your hardware with a technician dedicated to help you install your equipment and train you on the front of house software. These installation appointments will typically take 2 hours, but may fluctuate depending on the complexity of the setup.