MX POS Restaurant Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specifications of the MX™ POS System?

  • MX POS is a commercial grade point of sale solution. It comes with Windows 10, Intel Celeron J6412 quad core processor, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB solid state drive, 15.6” ultra slim touch screen display and a built in 3” thermal receipt printer.
  • Each MX POS station is colored in a two-tone black and white pattern.
  • MX POS has the capability of attaching a 10” LCD customer facing display.
  • MX POS also sells thermal printer paper rolls by packs of 6, 12 or 50

Can you use your own equipment?

  • Yes, but this is only an option available to our Platinum Distributors. MX POS will provide a list of pre-certified hardware. Anything not on the list that Platinum Distributors would like to sell will need to be certified by our Quality Assurance team.

Does the MX™ POS equipment come with a warranty?

  • Yes, all MX POS equipment comes with a 1 year warranty that is effective on the date that it ships from the warehouse.

What cash drawers do MX™ POS sell?

  • MX POS sells black 16” cash drawers that integrate seamlessly with the POS software.

What barcode scanners do MX™ POS sell?

  • MX POS sells multi-line barcode scanners available in either a wireless or wired configuration.

Does MX™ POS sell barcode label printers?

  • MX POS sells thermal label printers that connect to the system via USB along with the labels for the printer.

Does MX™ POS sell kitchen printers and kitchen display systems?

  • Yes, MX POS sells thermal kitchen printers along with Epson impact kitchen printers.
  • Yes, MX POS sells complete kitchen display systems with a 22” monitor, controller, and bump bar using ChefTab software. We also have an all-in-one kitchen display system that uses a single touch screen display instead of needing any external controller or bump bar.

Does MX™ POS provide employee access cards?

  • Yes, MX POS has employee access cards available for purchase. These enable the employee to access MX POS by swiping individual cards linked to their employee profile.

Does MX™ POS sell a handheld device?

  • Yes, MX POS sells the PAX A920 Pro. They can be used to perform most POS operations on the move, including taking payment.

What EMV payment devices does MX™ POS sell?

  • MX POS uses PAX S300, PAX A35, Valor VL100, and Valor VL300 pin pads for countertop setup next to a POS.
  • MX POS also sells PAX A920 Pro devices for any mobile operations

Does MX™ POS sell a self-ordering kiosk?

  • Yes, MX POS has a 21” vertical free-standing kiosks with a built-in thermal receipt printer and an EMV device cradle for PAX S300 or A35 payment devices. (PAYMENT DEVICE SOLD SEPARATELY) These kiosks come in 2 stand types: table stand OR floor stand