Refund Policy

Membership Fee

When you sign up for a subscription on you are agreeing to pay the subscription fee corresponding to your chosen account level on a monthly or annual basis. You may cancel at any time prior to the next recurring charge and you will not be charged again. If you cancel within three (3) days of a recurring charge you will be refunded the amount of the most recent charge; provided, however, you will not receive a refund if during those three days you purchased one or more Tenant Screening reports at a discounted level as allowed by the account for which you subscribed, receive a rent payment with the ACH Technology Fee covered by the membership fee, or send or receive an e-signed document.

There will be no refunds for any previous month’s subscription fee unless we have been notified of your desire to cancel your subscription prior to that month’s charge.

Tenant Screenings

When you place an order for a tenant screening with, the payment will be authorized on your card. Once the report is run, the payment is captured, and the request cannot be canceled. The charge cannot be refunded. If you want to cancel the report, you need to contact us prior to the potential tenant providing authorization. We will use our best efforts to cancel an unrun report and void the pending charge for you.

For the Buy in Bulk option, you are purchasing five (5) or more screening credits. Once the purchase goes through, the credits are available in your account until you use them. They do not expire. If one (1) or more screening credit has been used, the purchase will not be eligible for any refund.

Legal Documents

Once purchased, the legal documents are available in your account for download, and the charges are not refundable.