Summary of Iowa Renters Rights

Summary of Iowa Renters Rights

Rental agreements in Iowa cover most apartments and houses, but do not cover 100% of all situations.

That’s why having a summary of Iowa renters rights is so important to the rental process.

Here is what you’re going to want to know.

1. Properties Must Be Habitable.

This generally means a rental unit must be up to local building codes.

It must remain in a livable condition, have places for garbage removal and disposal, and have hot/cold running water.

Heat must also be provided and appliances must be kept in working order.

2. Tenants Must Keep The Peace.

Renting a house or apartment also means making sure personal activities do not disturb neighbors.

Creating a nuisance can be a lease violation that may result in the eviction process beginning in the state of Iowa.

3. Withholding Rent Is Allowed In Iowa.

Tenants can withhold rent to make specific repairs that are required to make a rental unit habitable.

To do so, they must first provide their landlord with a written notice of the needed repair.

A housing inspector should also be contacted, even in an emergency situation.

If the repairs are not initiated, then this allows for payment and withholding.

4. Security Deposits Are Limited.

Landlords may charge up to 2x the amount of rent they are asking as a security deposit.

It must be returned within 30 days of moving out or the tenant must receive a notice in writing stating why it is late.

If this does not happen, then the tenant is entitled to their full deposit and potentially recover costs associated with the lack of the deposit’s return.

5. 24 Hours Of Notice Is Required.

Unless it is an emergency situation, landlords must provide renters with suitable notice to enter a rental unit for inspection.

This summary of Iowa renters rights is intended to only be used as a guide to cover common questions.

For specific questions about Iowa’s landlord tenant law, consult with the specific statutes that govern your concerns or speak with an attorney who practices in this area of law.