Stolen Checks: A Case for Digital Rent Payments

Stolen Checks: A Case for Digital Rent Payments

Checks are a traditional mode of paying expenses, including rent. However, there are alarming check fraud cases in the US. Thieves are pulling them out of mailboxes, altering the information, and stealing money from the payers. 

Here are some check fraud cases and how digital payments can help.

U.S. Check Fraud Cases 

There’s a significant rise in armed robberies of USPS letter carriers for their master keys. After stealing the checks, the criminals use household chemicals to erase the ink on checks, rewrite the payee, and cash them at ATMs or currency exchanges.

Reports from The Washington Post show that Steve Rosen has been a victim two times. In the first fraud, his mailed check was stolen and rewritten for $13,000. He lost $2,500 in the second fraud. 

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, thieves intercepted a $30 check that Midge Laurin had mailed. It was rewritten and cashed to another person for $9,475. 

Monica Pascente is another victim. In August 2022, she mailed a $123 check for a credit card payment. A cybercriminal intercepted the check and cashed it for $9,500.

Digital Rent Payments: Transacting Securely 

The significant fraud levels in traditional rent payment models leave us with one option – digital rent payments. Digital payments involve the transfer of value from one account to another using digital devices.

The transaction can only be completed if the payer and payee have:

  • Bank accounts 
  • Online banking methods
  • Medium of transmissions such as payment providers and banks
  • Digital devices (computer, mobile phone, or credit/debit card)

Why Adopt Digital Rent Payments?

Paying your expenses is now more effortless and secure than before. Landlords and small property management firms need to adopt digital payments. Here’s why:

1. Quick Processing 

Digital payments are much faster compared to traditional payment methods. They are automated to save time, accept online payment anytime and from anywhere, and bypass the need for physical checks. 

2. Multiple Payment Options 

ePayments allow tenants to make payments using their preferred options. Popular ePayments are:

  • ACH transfers. Tenants deposit payments to the recipient’s bank account.
  • Card payments. Tenants can use debit or credit cards to make payments 

3. Highly Secure 

Digital payments are more safe compared to traditional paper-based methods. They use encryption, SSL, and other security strategies to secure your payment information. 

4. Digital Trail 

ePayments offer transparency such that both landlords and tenants know what to expect. Landlords can set up monthly or one-time payment requests for tenants to avoid late payments.

5. Easy Management 

Digital payments make it easier to track, manage and store financial data. In case of disputes, you can access information much easier compared to traditional paper-based methods.

6. Better Customer Experience 

ePayments are a convenient way for tenants with busy schedules to pay their rent. It saves them time, money, and the hassle of lines in banks or postal offices. 

What are the Security Perks of Digital Rent Payments?

Payment Security secures your information and protects you from a potential data breach. Digital payments employ the following to ensure a safe transaction process.


Tokenization is a secure and nearly impossible-to-decrypt model. It uses virtual card numbers randomized into token values held in a token vault.


Digital payments are end-to-end encrypted. Data is encoded into unreadable and scrambled text while in transit to ensure safe transactions. 

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

SSL establishes a secure encryption link between a server and a user. It ensures channels connecting devices operating over the internet are free from malicious attacks.

LandlordStation: Handling Your Online Rent Payments 

Many tenants prefer online rent payments to traditional cash or checks. Providing this option gives them the convenience of making timely payments. LandlordStation can help you automate your payment system and become a modern landlord. We offer digital payments paired with tenant screening, document signing, and other property management tools.