How To Patch Concrete Steps

How To Patch Concrete Steps

Concrete is a very durable surface.

It is used for foundations, patios, pathways, and driveways.

Over time, however, concrete can begin to wear down and develop cracks, holes, or begin to crumble.

Knowing how to patch concrete steps is a bit of a tricky DIY repair when compared to other concrete repairs, but these steps will help you get it done.

1. Create a Form.

To create a concrete step, you must first be able to place your concrete into the proper position for the repair.

This means you’ll need a form that fits your concrete step.

The only exception to this would be if you have a small crack or hole that can be patched without the need to recreate the step shape.

Put the form into place around the step.

2. Clean The Repair Area.

You must remove all dirt and debris from the repair site.

This includes any crumbling concrete that is loose, but not necessarily detached from the step.

If you use water to do the cleaning, make sure the concrete has enough time to dry.

3. Apply New Concrete.

A quick-setting concrete is typically the best option for this type of repair.

Mix it up according to the brand’s instructions and then put into place with a trowel.

Press firmly to make sure there aren’t air bubbles in the concrete that could create more problems for you in the future.

Use small coats and flatten with your trowel until you get a flush surface. Allow to dry.

4. Moisten For The Next 72 Hours.

If you are using regular concrete for your concrete step patch, then you’ll need to cover it and keep it moist for at least 72 hours so that it will cure properly.

A light mist once per day is generally enough, but this is dependent on current weather conditions.

5. Remove Your Form.

Once the concrete has properly dried, then you can remove the form that is supporting your repair site if it was needed.

You may need to give the steps another 24-48 hours before use to make sure it has properly set.

Some communities may require a building permit for this type of repair.

Check with your local regulations before beginning, gather your supplies, and then you’ll know how to patch concrete steps quickly to restore the look of your property.