How To Patch Concrete Cracks

How To Patch Concrete Cracks

Concrete cracks can cause some major damage to paths, sidewalks, and driveways if they are left unaddressed.

They need to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent water from getting underneath the concrete, eroding the soil and causing even more damage.

The good news is that a simple 10 minute fix can help you prolong the life of your concrete. Here are the steps you’ll want to follow.

1. Make Sure You’ve Cleaned Out The Concrete Crack Completely.

You’ll need to remove all dirt, debris, weeds, roots, and other items that may be in the crack.

Take a screwdriver and scratch away at the crack, then follow it up with a wire brush or small whisk broom. I

f there is a lot of debris coming out of the crack, then a leaf blower or multipurpose vacuum cleaner.

2. Install a Backer Rod If Needed.

Whenever you’re filling in large gaps on the exterior of your home, you’ll be using a backer rod.

The same is true when fixing a large concrete crack.

Take the backer rod and cut it to the size of the crack.

Push it in as firmly as you can with your fingers.

Then take the screwdriver and push it in even further, being careful not to damage the backer rod.

You should follow this step if the crack is wider than 0.25 inches in size.

3. Fill In The Crack With Concrete Caulk.

It’s best to use a self-leveling bead when filling in the concrete crack with caulk.

Start at the beginning of the crack and slowly work your way down, keeping the bead as consistent as possible.

This will fill-in the area of concern, whether you’re dealing with a cold joint or a crack due to settling.

There are different colors available for asphalt and colored concrete as well so a direct match can be made.

4. Take a Finger Down The Crack To Seal The Joint.

This step is optional.

If you want to have a more seamless look for your repair, press your finger into the bead to flatten it out.

This will seal the crack a little more, but also reduce the appearance of the repair.

Knowing how to patch concrete cracks will save you many future headaches from soil erosion. Get started today and you’ll be done in no time at all.