How To Patch a Shingle Roof

How To Patch a Shingle Roof

A large windstorm just blew through your neighborhood.

Moss and algae accumulation has caused damage.

A long summer has caused shingles to curl from the heat.

There can be numerous reasons why it is important to know how to patch a shingle roof.

How you get the job done follows these steps.

1. Locate the Damage

You’ll need to know where the exact leak is occurring on your shingle roof.

This may be obvious because of missing shingles, but may not always be that way.

You may need to inspect the interior of your attic to look for water stains.

Watch for nails that have turned white as an indication of where the leak is strongest.

2. Repair Water Damage

You may have water damage which needs to be repaired.

This may mean replacing insulation, removing damaged shingles, or repairing the boards which support the roof.

Any moisture which remains can encourage mold to grow. You may also need to replace the roofing paper and any weatherproofing membranes in the leaking area as well.

3. Replace the Shingles

You’ll next need to replace the shingles that have been damaged once any repairs have been completed.

Make sure to follow the overlapping pattern that has been placed on your roof to make sure moisture is unable to get through.

You may also need to check your flashing, soffits, and other components of the roof while replacing shingles to make sure you have a proper seal.

4. Seal the Shingles in Place

Some shingles can be installed with a few nails and the job is done.

Others require you to seal the shingles into place for greater moisture resistance.

Make sure to follow any specific instructions listed on your preferred shingles to receive the best possible experience.

5. Make Routine Inspections

It is far cheaper to repair minor roof issues than to replace an entire roof when water damage occurs.

Once you’ve patched your shingle roof, make monthly inspections of it if you live in a high moisture or high sun environment.

This will allow you to repair damage while it is still in its beginning stages.

Knowing how to patch a shingle roof can extend the life of this integral part of your home.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to have a potentially successful DIY repair.