How to Patch a Metal Roof

How to Patch a Metal Roof

Metal roofing can be a cost-effective method of protecting a home.

Over time, however, it can also receive damage that will cause it to begin leaking.

Instead of trying to replace the entire thing, here’s how to patch a metal roof for a fraction of the cost.

1. Loose Nails Are The Most Common Culprit.

Inspect your metal roof for loose nails, screws, or bolts.

Pull any that have become bent and replace them.

Tighten all others so that they are once again water-resistant.

If screws were used, make sure to look at the gasket underneath the screw to make sure it is intact.

2. Repair Any Spots Of Deterioration.

If you find corrosion has struck your metal roof, you must prepare that site for a patch.

Use steel wool or a wire brush to remove any rust.

Make sure any dust/debris has been removed from the site with a damp cloth. Allow the area to completely dry.

Then you will want to use a metal primer made for this type of roof to cover the corroded area.

Use an application process that will not shed bristles or foam into the primer.

A second coat that matches the color of the metal roof will then protect it against future damage.

These are often found in spray paint containers.

3. Seal Up The Roof.

If there is more than just a bit of corrosion or a loose nail to the leaking roof, then a metal roof cement will be required to seal up the surface.

Urethane tends to be the best form of cement because it stands up to sunlight better.

Cheaper options are plastic or asphalt cement.

Apply directly to the leaking area.

A flashing membrane may also be suitable in some instances.

4. Restore Your Flashing.

Sometimes the expansion and contraction of the roof will cause a small separation of the flashing.

If this has happen, just tighten it up and use the same cement to seal off the edges, seams, and joints.

Knowing how to patch a metal roof can help you save a lot of time and money when it comes to stopping a leak.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to complete this chore in no time at all.