How to Get the Most From Your Property Upgrade

How to Get the Most From Your Property Upgrade

Choosing to upgrade your rental property is an investment. If you’re going to sink money into that investment, you want it to turn a profit to make it worth it.

Make sure that your upgrades will bring in a higher profit:

  • Hidden Value of RenovationsIf you are considering upgrading your rental property, you will want to take a step back and consider which renovations will work best for your property.
  • Cost-Effective UpgradesThere are many ways that you can upgrade your rental property, but choosing the most cost-effective upgrades will help you bring in a higher rent at a lower cost to you as the landlord.
  • Eco-Friendly UpgradesIf it’s time to upgrade your rental, you may think about choosing eco-friendly updates. These can bring around savings that you might not have thought about, including tax breaks.
    • Energy-Saving Upgrades Upgrading your rental to be eco-friendly doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to do it. There are several small upgrades that you can choose that will help you and your tenants save money.
    • Green RoofsInstalling a new roof on your rental is no small decision, but if it’s time to get a new roof, why not consider choosing a green roof to save yourself some money down the line?

DIY upgrades:

  • Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets: The kitchen is often one of the rooms that your tenants will spend quite a bit of time in. It is also one of the rooms that can look outdated if you do not keep it updated with the times. Instead of spending a lot of money pulling out the old cabinets and installing new ones, you may consider resurfacing them for that updated look.
  • Reglazing a Bathtub: A bathtub that looks old or dingy won’t be a good selling point when you are trying to convince potential applicants that your rental is right for them. Instead of purchasing and installing a new bathtub, consider reglazing it to add life to it.
  • Regrouting Shower Tile: The conditions that shower grout are consistently subjected to may leave it vulnerable to mold, mildew, and decay. If you know how to regrout the shower tile it can add a whole new life to that tile.
  • Patching Nail Holes: When a tenant moves into the rental, they will likely hang photos and paintings on the wall to make the place feel like their own. The holes left behind from the nails in the wall are often considered normal wear and tear, meaning you can’t take it out of the deposit, so knowing how to patch those holes quickly and easily will help save money.
  • Sealing a Drafty Door: If a tenant complains that their electricity bill has spiked recently, you might want to take a look at the doors that lead outside. If the door is drafty it can let the bought air out, making the AC or heater run longer than it normally would to keep up.