How To Get Rid of Bermuda Grass

How To Get Rid of Bermuda Grass

Knowing how to get rid of Bermuda grass can help you to make sure your lawn looks as beautiful as you want it to be.

Your method of removal depends on how much Bermuda grass needs to be removed.

Some lawns are almost 100% this variety, but others only have a few invading roots that need to be addressed.

Here are the best 4 options at your disposal right now.

1. Herbicide

This is the easiest of all solutions.

Just apply the herbicide directly to the Bermuda grass once it has reached a minimum height of 6 inches.

Continue to water your lawn as you normally would and then apply the herbicide. Make sure you are aware of the manufacturer’s toxicity warnings.

2. Tarping

Bermuda grass does not like a lot of heat.

If you have a large section of lawn that is made up of this grass, then you can bake it out by applying a clear plastic tarp over the affected area.

You’ll need to weigh the tarp down, but then sunlight will do the rest of the work for you.

It may take 3-4 weeks for complete death to occur. Then just remove the dead grass and plant your preferred items.

3. Mulching

If you’re changing your landscaping, then this option might be a better choice as it will help to enrich your soil.

Any dark landscaping fabric spread over the Bermuda grass will work, but you must make sure it is completely covered.

Then apply at least 10 inches of mulch over the landscaping fabric. This will kill the grass, but leave the soil intact, and allow you to plant additional items.

4. Cultivation

If you dig up the roots of the Bermuda grass, it will eventually die off in a week or two.

You’ll need to cultivate the ground to expose the roots to the sunlight. Avoid watering the lawn while using this method. Then cultivate the ground after the 1-2 week period and monitor for signs of growth.

It may take 2-4 cultivation efforts to eliminate the offending grass. Bermuda grass can be remarkably stubborn.

These suggestions will help you know how to get rid of Bermuda grass is a safe and effective manner. Follow all instructions on tools or products for best results.