Earn a Higher Rental Rate With Better Landscaping

Earn a Higher Rental Rate With Better Landscaping

You’ve heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and that is never truer than in real estate.

While the landscaping is important to buyers looking to purchase a property, it can be just as essential for anyone looking to rent.

What Landscaping Says About a Property

Drive by an apartment or a house with a For Rent sign and see what your first impression is.

A well-trimmed lawn with neatly arranged bushes and trees will bring to mind a landlord who cares about his or her property.

Flowers and festive plants in planters or flowerbeds indicate someone who goes above and beyond to care for the property.

Take a trip to an area where weeds have grown tall and sidewalks are cracked.

You probably won’t want to stop and ask about the property because you wouldn’t want to live there.

While the inside of a property can make or break the deal, the landscaping gets people to stop in the first place.

They develop ideas about what the rest of the home looks like based on how well the exterior is kept.

Increased Value

Studies have shown for years that landscaping increases the value of a property.

That fact is not just for selling properties, but for the price you can get out of renting.

If you don’t believe it can make that big of a difference, think about all of the ways the right landscaping could improve your property.

  • Add privacy and block poor views
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Reduce crime by making it difficult for criminals to access areas or hide
  • Reduce heating and cooling costs

These practical benefits of landscaping can help you sell your property to would-be tenants.

Not only can you charge more for a property that has prime landscaping, but you will rent out your units faster.

Choosing the Right Design

To enjoy these benefits, you must choose the right landscaping design.

This is why it is important to hire professionals to design and complete the work.

You can provide direction by letting them know what you want the landscaping to do for your property, but they are better trained to select the right plants and placement to achieve your goals.

Landscaping not only applies to plants, trees, shrubs and grass, but to the hardscaping of your property.

This includes walkways, patios and decks, and backyard gardens.

When planning a landscaping overhaul, you’ll want to figure in updating or repairing broken archways, outdoor fireplaces and other spaces to ensure the best image for your property.

It is necessary to work within budget, but remember that you can count landscaping costs as part of your business expenses for the rental properties.

This may allow you more money to make bigger improvements.

When updating a rental property to attract tenants, many landlords focus on the inside of the units and forget about other areas.

While the interior is where a resident will spend most of their time at home, they also want to live in a space that looks attractive when they first drive up or walk in.

Take time to view the outdoor spaces of your properties and see them as your tenants would.

Make the necessary changes to ensure your property stands out in a good way.