DON’T hire another AP person, yet

DON’T hire another AP person, yet

If the volume and complexity of Accounts Payable processing has gotten you to the point where you need to add another employee, let’s talk first.

Why not streamline your time-intensive accounts payable processes instead?

One of our customers has eliminated hundreds of hours of manual work since adopting our integrated payables platform: Priority CPX (Commercial Payments Exchange).

Priority CPX has freed their AP team to focus on more strategic work and eliminated the need to add to their staff. Even better, they very quickly reduced the gap between Days Sales Outstanding and Days Payable Outstanding by more than 20 days.

Here are three ways that the CPX integrated payables platform will move you far beyond typical AP automation solutions:

  1. Pay all suppliers with a single payment instruction file regardless of the payment method they accept.
  2. Keep your current bank relationship and accounting system.
  3. Step into the solution at a pace that works for you, your AP team and your suppliers.

Interested in learning more about how we can help your AP team benefit from a fully integrated, digital accounts payable processing solution? Check out our case studies.

Learn more about how one platform leads to profit.

Please contact us to schedule a conversation, brief demo or complimentary AP spend analysis. We’ll show you the “sweet spots” where Priority CPX can reduce your AP processing expense and generate rebates.