After Eviction: What to do with Tenants Possessions

After Eviction: What to do with Tenants Possessions

No one wants to evict their tenants but if it comes down to no other option it may be something you have to consider. Sometimes when tenants are evicted what’s left behind is a huge mess that you will have to have cleaned out. In many states there is a legally specified time period that you have to keep the tenants goods. The tenant will have a right to return and reclaim their goods. A lot of landlords opt for a storage facility to keep the tenants goods so that they can get the space cleaned out and back on the market.

Check the Laws

Check the laws in your state to see how long the tenant has the right to the items that were left behind during the eviction you do not want to make the mistake of not giving the tenant access to their items. Once you know how long you have to hold on to the stuff than you can make decisions about where you want to keep the stuff. If keeping the goods in the space that was rented is too much of a burden than renting a storage space locally is a good option. You do have rights as a landlord be sure to understand them before you make a judgment call about tenant’s property.


After the Point of Redemption

Once the time frame has lapsed where the tenant can reclaim their goods than you can do what you like with them. You can sell them to try to recoup some of the money you lost on the rental or you can trash them it is entirely up to you. A lot of landlords sell what they can because getting at least part of the money that is owed to you is better than nothing at all. You can sell them through a local ad or through an online ad. It is best not to put the items out in front of the rental space because it may insight your former tenant and have issues. If you are to the point where you just want to be rid of the stuff you can also donate it to a local shelter or charity. In many cases the shelter or charity will even come and pick it up. Bag it all up and leave it where it is accessible.