Priority Technology Holdings, Inc. Announces Strategic Acquisition of Market-leading Real Estate Technology Companies, RadPad and Landlord Station

Laying the foundation for a tenant-centric real estate payments marketplace


Priority Technology Holdings is pleased to announce the acquisition and capitalization of two strategically significant properties in the burgeoning rent payment technology segment: RadPad and Landlord Station.

Covering both the up-front processes of lead generation and conversion, as well as flexible options for downstream activities such as rent payments and renters insurance, RadPad is a powerful marketplace for a full spectrum of business transactions in the rental real estate market. Landlord Station offers a highly complementary toolset that focuses on facilitation of tenant screening and other value added services to the fast-growing independent landlord market.

Priority’s proprietary payments platform, combined with consumer and commercial payments expertise will allow RadPad and Landlord Station to more effectively monetize both their core business and other ancillary revenue streams, creating a holistic marketplace model for the rental real estate industry. Priority’s public currency also provides capital to allow for strategic acquisitions of technology or service models that would enhance marketplace value or accelerate growth.

“While we have achieved significant growth in this space in recent years, we believe Priority’s integrated payments infrastructure can be the catalyst for a payments technology evolution that will fundamentally alter the way that money flows in our marketplace,” commented Copley Broer, President of Priority Real Estate Technology, LLC (“PRET”).

“Payment options in the rental industry are relatively unchanged from two decades ago. The combination of our technology with Priority’s infrastructure is a powerful agent of transformation in the space,” added Jamey Rosamond, a PRET Director.

“This acquisition positions us to advance rapidly into an industry that has been on our strategic roadmap for some time. Creating business opportunities in payment adjacent technologies and services is consistent with our long-term enterprise vision,” said Thomas C. Priore, Executive Chairman, Priority Technology Holdings, Inc.

About Priority Technology Holdings Inc.

Priority Technology Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of merchant acquiring and commercial payment solutions, offering unique products and service capabilities to its merchant network and distribution partners. The enterprise operates from a purpose-built business platform that includes tailored customer service offerings and bespoke technology development, allowing it to provide end-to-end solutions for payment and payment-adjacent opportunities. Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, Priority has approximately 520 employees and is led by an experienced team of payment technology executives.

Released August 17, 2018