THREE TRENDS Shaping the Digitization of B2B Payments

You have probably experienced firsthand the rapid acceleration of people adopting digital payments. The shift towards contactless consumer payments is here to stay, and B2B payments are following suit. The upward trend in commercial digital payments is due to many factors, including increased operational efficiency for financial and treasury departments, greater float capacity, and reduced turnover spend.

This report will provide you with valuable insights gleaned from interviews with payment industry leaders and discusses three trends shaping the digitization of B2B payments. By adopting the corresponding technology solutions covered in this report, small and mid-sized companies will more competitively position themselves for an increasingly complex marketplace.

Discover the Technologies that are Improving Cash Flow

In this free report you will learn more about three emerging trends that should not be overlooked in 2022:

  • Banking, payments and software converge with real-time payments
  • Acceleration of digital technologies
  • Elevating the payment experience

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