Using Online Menu Offerings to Encourage Bigger Orders

<strong>Using Online Menu Offerings to Encourage Bigger Orders</strong>

In the restaurant business, there are two ways to increase your daily profits by focusing on your online menu. The first is to increase the number of orders, and the second is to increase the average order size. Many restaurateurs have discovered that online orders are larger than in-house orders. There are specific menu strategies that can increase the likelihood of larger orders.

There are many reasons behind the online order sizes, from planning for leftovers to larger groups ordering together. So why not embrace the trend? According to an article in, restaurants now do 70% of their sales online or via mobile phones. Adapt your online menu strategies to encourage bigger (and more satisfying) orders for your delivery and pickup customers. Let’s dive into some of the most effective online menu offers to inspire larger orders for your restaurant.

Feature Family Meal Deals in Online Menus

Whether it’s groups of adults or parents with children eating together, they may appreciate a meal deal. When ordering individual appetizers and entrees, each person may try to “take up” as little of the check as possible. However, a good meal deal with appetizers and entrees can inspire the group to spend more. This way, no one person feels like they’re going all-out. Also, it makes it easier to add desserts when the checkout cart doesn’t look like a grocery list.

Meal offerings are a life-saver for parents and create a shared dining experience. Meal deals are also favored by groups, friends, and coworkers who appreciate a nicely packaged catering-type bundle.

“Plus One” Meal Building in Online Ordering

In online ordering, it is common for others in the household (or office) to ask to be included. This inspires larger orders, saves time, and combines deliveries – all benefits to the restaurant. The easier you make plus-one additions to an order, the more you will likely see groups order together. Consider numbered fast food meals and how these combos easily come together with a few in-app clicks. Restaurant owners may also consider a small incentive for group orders, like up-sizing an appetizer vs ordering two apps.

Offering Appetizer and Dessert Pairings on Online Menus

Offer to pair entrees with matching appetizers and/or desserts. Online menus make it easy with add-on options and item suggestions when food is added to the cart. When customizing online menu ordering, include a quick option to add favorite sides, desserts, or drinks to finish the meal. You can even use app-to-app pairings so that ordering an appetizer suggests other appetizers or desserts that go well together.

Working Lunch Specials

Many people need to order lunch in the middle of the workday. Some may be close enough to swing by to dine, but others may order delivery or takeout. Lunch specials are designed to cater to people on their lunch breaks. They tend to be more compact and inclusive, reminiscent of efficient Bento Box lunches in every cuisine. When you have a lunch special or combo offer, you are likelier to sell larger orders from coworker groups.

“Happy Hour” and Time of Day Deals

Time-of-day deals serve two purposes. It encourages ordering during certain times and takes advantage of your discounted menu items with a larger order than usual. The second purpose is to make new customers feel special when they arrive during time-of-day promotions. This can create immediate positive feedback and may inspire customers to come back again when they crave your cuisine.

Scalable Party Platters

Party platters aren’t just for parties. If you have a catering menu (and even if you don’t), party platters that have scaling sizes can really encourage your buyers to stock up, splurge on a favorite treat, or supply smaller gatherings with ease – all while growing the size of the orders you receive. 

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