How Handheld POS Devices Are Benefiting Restaurants and Servers

How Handheld POS Devices Are Benefiting Restaurants and Servers

Handheld POS, or mobile POS (mPOS) devices/technology, have taken the business world by storm. These nifty devices have changed the way restaurants work by making everything faster, easier and mobile. We’re talking about everything from taking orders, to getting checks and processing payments; this new technology in the POS space is expected to be worth a staggering $62.46 billion by 2029.

If you’re still on the fence about getting handheld POS technology for your business; we’re here to help you get into the game, without the extreme cost of entry. In today’s post, we’ll discuss the incredible benefits of mPOS technology for your restaurant, specifically its servers.

Let’s dive into it.

Better Customer Service

Restaurants that prioritize their customers always stay ahead of the curve. If you want happy and satisfied customers, then handheld POS technology should be on your wishlist.

With handheld POS technology customers can sit comfortably at their tables, give their orders, and hand over their payment method of choice… without the server leaving the table. 

This also allows servers to focus on providing better customer service, rather than wasting time fetching orders or completing transactions at the POS station. Remember, happy customers, equal higher tips, and more return customers.

Reduces the Hassle of Taking Orders

Handheld POS technology saves the hassle of going back and forth to take and key in the orders. This is especially beneficial for servers in restaurants with multiple floors. Servers won’t have to leave the floor to enter the order in the system.

In addition to ordering, handheld POS devices also make checkouts much faster and easier. Since handheld POS systems are connected to credit card processing software, servers can scan a code, or enter the payment information into the handheld device, process payments, and get confirmation on the spot.

Better Focus

With mPOS technology, servers can better focus on tables in their particular section. This helps maximize table turns.

Moreover, customers will be sure to put in a good word for your restaurant, given how fast your service is. This will help build a solid reputation for your restaurant and attract more customers via referrals and positive reviews.

Faster transactions

Traditional POS systems are notorious for slowing down the ordering process, especially during peak lunch and dinner hours. With handheld devices, servers can take orders faster as they only have to tap a few buttons instead of typing in long descriptions.

In addition to speedy transactions, handheld POS also speeds up checkout times by allowing customers to pay with their preferred payment method right at their table. Talk about convenience!

Are There Any Downsides to Handheld POS Devices?

The only downside to the revolutionary POS devices is their upfront cost. A single mPOS unit costs about $30 to $50. If you have ten servers, that’s about $300 for the entire team and $500 on the upper end. 

OR you can use the e|tab WaitStaff feature. WaitStaff allows any mobile device to be used as a mPOS. This can be approached a few different ways. Iphones, Samsung, Tablets and even laptops can be used!

Get Handheld POS Devices for Your Restaurant Today!

If you’re looking to improve your restaurant operations or simply want to keep up with the times and stay ahead of your competition, handheld POS technology is definitely something you should consider adopting. 

With the benefits listed above, there’s no doubt that handheld POS technology will give your restaurant an edge over the competition and help you attract more customers. 

So why wait? Get handheld mPOS technology for your restaurant today.