Save the Holidays with MX™ Quick Pay

Save the Holidays with MX™ Quick Pay

Be Your Merchants HERO and save the day with MX™ Quick Pay! MX™ Quick Pay is MX™ Merchant’s low-cost virtual terminal that tracks card, cash, check, and ACH transactions and helps merchants accept payments FAST so they can speed through their payment lines just in time for the holidays! 

Check out these time-saving features MX™Quick Pay has to offer:

  • Quickly charge vaulted cards by entering just the first 3 letters of the customer’s name
  • Swiftly vault cards for new and existing customers during payment acceptance
  • Save time and create new customers during payment acceptance
  • Set end of payment behaviors to rapidly start a new transaction
  • Set standard tender types and tax settings to speed through transactions
  • Easily and speedily edit Level 2 and 3 fields with the MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer to save fees on business-to-business transactions

Are you ready to supercharge your holiday sales? Here how to start:

In this short instructional video, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to fast-track your payment process and elevate your business to new heights this holiday season. Explore MX™ Quick Pay by with this short instructional video or keep things light and fun with this animated video and see how Pryia, Priority’s Representative has successfully helped another merchant with the suite of MX™ Merchant solutions!