Low on Equipment? Feeling the Global Chip Shortage? Look no Further than Priority’s No-cost Solutions!

Low on Equipment? Feeling the Global Chip Shortage? Look no Further than Priority’s No-cost Solutions!

Everyone is looking for a reliable alternative solution. Come explore MX™ Quick Pay. MX™ Merchant’s virtual terminal, the MX™ Express mobile app, and MX™ Payment Links and learn how these offerings are the perfect no-cost solution due to the chip shortage!

How the Chip Shortage Affects the Payments Industry

Equipment manufacturers worldwide are facing a challenge that doesn’t appear to have an end in sight. Obtaining chips has become difficult which is delaying production timelines. There are many factors at play, from the COVID-19 pandemic’s disruption of supply chains and consumer shopping habits to extreme weather. This chip shortage is having a trickle-down effect on payment equipment manufacturers and equipment vendors are experiencing increased product lead times. Now more than ever it is vital to have alternative, inexpensive solutions available to ensure your merchants don’t experience an interruption in payment acceptance.

The Solution

It’s more important than ever to plan ahead and have backup solutions available, even if a primary processing method already exists. The unexpected has left merchants with a heightened knowledge of having multiple solutions for accepting payments and Priority has the solutions needed that won’t break the bank. Let’s review each MX™ solution and the desirable rich-feature sets merchants need today. 

MX™ Quick Pay

Get ready to to accept payments quickly, right from your computer. MX™ Quick Pay is virtual terminal that tracks card, ACH, cash, and check payments. Our program is available to all merchants with access to MX™ Merchant. Even if your merchant has existing equipment, MX™ Quick Pay is a great alternative and economical solution in case of equipment failure and outages. Check out some of the time-saving features found within MX™ Quick Pay:

  • Customer Account Vault allows merchants to store card and ACH payment information to be used quickly on future transactions without asking the customer for repeat information
  • Receipt Options are print, email and text with merchant logo
  • Conveniently add new customers at time of sale 

MX™ Express

Looking for access on your mobile device? MX™ Express is a mobile app available to Android and Apple users and all merchants with access to MX™ Merchant. With MX™ Express you’ll find:

  • Optional gratuity options with smart tips, auto-calculating the tip amount for the customer, increasing the probability of a tip and  increased tips
  • Receipt Options are print, email and text with merchant logo
  • Compatible printers and card readers 
  • Bonus – Free app download!

MX™ Payment Links

With shareable and embeddable URLs that collect payments from customers, MX™ Payment Links deliver a secure way for customers to pay without the need for development or direct integration.

  • Collect important customer information with custom required fields during checkout
  • Create and email as many custom payment links as needed
  • Merchants may directly embed payment links on their website, allowing customers to pay night or day!

And don’t forget to consider these premier products for growing merchants!

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