MX™ QuickBooks Sync Is Now Available

MX™ QuickBooks Sync Is Now Available

Automatically synchronize financial data from MX™ Merchant to QuickBooks Online with MX™ QuickBooks Sync!

Priority Payment Systems is excited to release the latest MX™ Marketplace App, MX™ QuickBooks Sync, our newest value-add to the MX™ platform.

Our proprietary application automatically syncs MX™ customer, invoice, and payment data from MX™ Merchant into your QuickBooks Online account—virtually eliminating the need to manually enter daily transaction and customer data, and manage multiple invoicing systems. Any merchant processing through the MX™ front-end can activate MX™ QuickBooks Sync!

With MX™ QuickBooks Sync, you now have the freedom to choose your processor, saving hundreds of dollars in processing fees, and you have the convenience of accessing all of your daily data when logging into QuickBooks Online.

MX™ QuickBooks Sync may be activated through MX™ Merchant just like our other Apps in the Apps section. MX™ QuickBooks Sync synchronizes data regardless of the MX™ product being used, including:

  • MX™ Express
  • MX™ Quickpay
  • MX™ Invoice
  • MX™ Payment Links
  • Integrated terminal options, such as the Ingenico Desk 3500, Desk 5000, and Mobile 5000
  • VARS integrated with MX™ API

Merchants MUST process using the MX™ front-end in order for data to sync.

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