Do you know e|tab?

Do you know e|tab?

With a simple flat rate on every delivery and no hidden fees or higher menu prices for customers, e|tab combines online payment expertise with DoorDash’s powerful delivery network, providing you a best-in-class solution and commission-free delivery pricing. Priority’s e|tab platform offers innovative online ordering tools needed to run a successful restaurant business – all while helping you keep more of your hard-earned money.

e|tab allows customers to receive take-out orders in a variety of ways:

  • Carry Out: Traditional Carry Out orders are paid for when the order is placed and ready to go when the customer arrives.
  • Curbside Pickup: Optimized during the pandemic, e|tab’s Curbside Pickup feature, allows a customer to provide their car make/model and notifies the restaurant when they have arrived.
  • DoorDash Integration: e|tab offers delivery fulfillment via an Integration with DoorDash. This allows customers to place an order directly from a merchant’s e|tab site and deliver it by DoorDash. This feature comes at no additional cost to the restaurant.

e|tab also has in-house dining features to keep your restaurant running seamlessly:

  • The Dine-In feature is excellent for reducing high contact items like menus – cutting paper usage and making for easier updates. Dine-In allows customers to scan a custom QR code at their table which sends their order directly. Customers are prompted to input their table number and have the option to pay upfront or keep their tab open!
  • Along with Dine-In, e|tab is proud to release our new WaitStaff functionality! Working in tandem with our Dine-In ordering, Waitstaff allows servers to use their mobile device as an order management tool.
  • Our platform is also capable of managing order dissemination – sending orders to the kitchen or the bar for preparation.

Additional features to help your restaurant function at its best:

  • The notification function allows designated users to be notified of orders via text or email, should the restaurant’s systems go down for any reason. That means reduced customer frustration and less likelihood of lost revenue.
  • Our customer export feature allows restaurant owners to generate lists of recent customers to for mass communication. Reach customers via email or text to create buzz around promos, events or new menu items.
  • e|tab integrates with your existing website, so your brand stays front and center in your customers’ minds. And the lower costs keep them coming back for more.