The Future of
Unified Commerce

Welcome to integrated payments and banking solutions that allow companies to collect, store and send money on a scalable native platform – the only one of its kind in the industry. With Priority, transactions are faster, cash flow is accelerated, implementation is quick and easy, there are none of the risks associated with cobbled together solutions making Priority the best value in the business.

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Passport: The Combination of Payments and Banking

Passport is Priority’s proprietary Unified Commerce engine that seamlessly powers a complete and integrated suite of payments solutions; banking services; document services; merchant acquiring; payment facilitation; reporting and business intelligence. With Passport by Priority, cash management has never been easier, faster and more cost effective.

Who We Help

You depend on payments to stay in business. Make them effortless with a variety of payment options for your customers and a complete ecosystem of payment tools that will show you the money.

Finance Professionals

Our fully integrated payments platform can easily and seamlessly automate your payables while generating cash rebates. Enhance efficiencies and turn supplier relationships into revenue streams.

Banks and Financial

Whether it’s merchants looking for payment processing or commercial businesses who need fully integrated payables, we’ve got it covered. Enhance your digital portfolio and help your customers grow their business.


We provide our ISOs and Agents with a flexible and robust reselling program. With a dedicated support team, transparent pricing, and industry specific products and services, we make your success our priority.


Our secure, feature-rich APIs provide cost-efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. Easily integrate payment and analytics features into your applications so you can focus on the customer experience.

What We Offer
SMB Payments / Acquiring

From small- and medium-sized businesses, virtually any size merchant can boost efficiencies with our powerful payment options.

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B2B Payments

We automate 100% of your accounts payable to reduce cost and generate cash back when paying your suppliers. Our integrated payables solution turns your cost center into a profit center.

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Enterprise Payments

Modernize legacy platforms or monetize payments with our leading-edge embedded payment and banking solutions.

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