Reduce costs with MX™ Advantage Solutions

Reduce costs with MX™ Advantage Solutions

Reduce costs with MX™ Advantage’s Solutions. Business owners are continually looking for ways to reduce costs associated with processing payments. Finding ways to accomplish this while retaining customer loyalty can be challenging. A fully compliant suite of solutions, MX™ Advantage provides just the right solution for every business. MX™ Advantage caters to all businesses by offering surcharging to cash discounting, effectively helping them reduce costs. Come see how to reduce costs with MX™ Advantage’s Fee Based Solutions.

What does MX™ Advantage offer?

MX™ Advantage, Priority’s proprietary application within the MX™ Merchant platform, is a business suite of solutions providing a one-stop-shop for fee-based processing. The suite offers: cash discount, convenience fees, service fees, and surcharging.

MX™ Advantage features

Let’s step through each solution.

MX™ Advantage Solutions Defined

Due to card brand rules, identifying which solution is the right based on merchant processing environment and the merchant’s business type is important. Understanding the card brand rules are important. There are more regulations to consider, such as identifying fee maximums, processing environment restrictions, and required signage before beginning. Check out the Core Rules here to learn more.

The Cash Discount solution implements a discount when customers pay with cash or debit. Here’s a one pager to learn more.

A Convenience Fee is a fee added to a customer’s bill when a credit or debit card is used for payment. This fee solution is specifically for merchants offering an alternative, convenient payment solution. Check out this one pager to learn more.

Service Fee helps merchants offset the cost of providing a service, such as government and educational services. Merchants have the option to apply a service fee when customers use a credit or debit card for payment, as long as they are classified with an MCC for government/education businesses. Here’s a one pager to learn more.

Surcharging is a fee applied when a credit card is used for payment. Check out this one pager to learn more.

Now that it’s clear to see how easy it is to reduct costs with MX™ Advantage solutions, let’s look at how to add value.

Reduce costs and add value with integrated MX™ products

Furthermore, to add value and foster customer loyalty, the MX™ Advantage suite of solutions seamlessly integrates with these MX™ products

• MX™ Quick Pay Virtual Terminal • MX™ Invoice* • MX™ Payment Links • MX™ QuickBooks Sync

*Excludes convenience fee

Countertop Solutions

Need a countertop device with a fee based solution? The following Dejavoo devices are integrated with MX™ Advantage Suite*!
• Z3 PIN Pad/Terminal • Z6 PIN Pad/Terminal • Z8 – Countertop Ethernet & WiFi • Z9 – 3G/4G & WiFi • Z9 – WiFi Only • Z11 – Countertop

*Excludes cash discount

Ready to Learn More?

To learn more about MX™ Advantage and fee-based processing, check out our MX Merchant™ Support Hub. Additionally don’t forget – For more detailed information and a product overview of the solutions, check out these resources below:

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