Increase Sales and Loyalty with Factor4

Increase Sales and Loyalty with Factor4

Increasing sales and loyalty has never been more important. That’s why Priority has expanded their value-add tool set and MX™ suite of offerings by partnering with Factor4. Factor4 is a leading gift card and loyalty program provider for merchants of all sizes. Factor4’s gift card and loyalty programs are customizable to meet merchants’ specific needs. Thus, it’s easy to see how adding Factor4’s services to Priority’s unified commerce platform boosts sales throughout the year and attracts and retains more customers.

Check out a few key reasons why considering adding gift cards to existing payment solutions is a win-win!

  • Gift cards allow business owners to compete with larger retailers, but entrepreneurs may not know where or how to start. 
  • Merchants may push brand awareness through the use of gift cards
  • Merchants profit from remaining unused gift card balances
  • Since funds received at time of purchase but not redeemed until later, merchants see an Increase of cash flow
  • Gift cards help increase brand awareness as they introduce new customers to the merchant’s products and services that may not typically.

Priority and Factor4’s solutions provide a seamless experience for merchants to accept gift cards and more control over business operations.

Factor4 is one of the only complete omni-channel gift and loyalty providers for merchants. From physical gift cards to a white-labeled mobile App, Factor4 has the tools needed to increase sales and loyalty. To view additional integrations with Factor4, click here.

Ready to get started with your customized gift card or loyalty program?

Priority and Factor4 can help! Factor4’s seamless gift card solutions are easy for merchants to implement and extend gift and loyalty rewards. Come learn how to increase sales and loyalty with Factor4!

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