Purchase Cards in Construction: Why You Should Ditch The Checks

Purchase Cards in Construction: Why You Should Ditch The Checks

‘’We’ve always done it that way’’ I get it, construction is a traditional industry, but why wait until the ceiling collapses in order to fix the leak?

Simplifying the Traditional Process

Is not about changing the way you work, it’s about simplifying the processes you work with in order to give you back your most valuable resource: Time. As we all know, especially in the construction industry, time is the most valuable resource.

“By moving the information gathering to the time of the transaction, and enabling these processes to be done proactively via text message, we eliminate the need for the bookkeeper to have to reach out and chase everyone at month-end just to get a clear understanding as to what was spent and for what project” Jammil Handal – Executive Vice President at MX Build

Revenue efficiency is the primary ROI when it comes to streamlined payment processes, by automatically mapping all the transactions to a budget it becomes easier to stay on track, saving time and money.

Ditch The Checks  

Issuing a check has the same average cost whether you’re paying for a 50$ extra gallon of paint or 10,000$ worth of lumber, and in construction, several low-value checks are issued daily, causing leakage in your spending and making the payment process a time-consuming operation. (If you can think of a similar leakage example within your company, I encourage you to share it with us) 

Manual processes are time-consuming, but more importantly, they are productivity-consuming, eating up all of your efficiency and ability to solve business problems, while accumulating on your desk and becoming an unnecessary obstacle.

How MX Build Card Works

Meet us in the middle of overly controlled bureaucratic procedures and poor control that eats away your budget. Proactive and flexible ways of working through your expense reports without the exhausting month-end reconciliation process. 

1 Account – 4 Card types 

  • Physical Card with revolving credit: The first purchase card designed for the construction business. Manage your budget & expenses while building your company’s credit.
  • Single-Use Virtual Card: Instant virtual cards are created for specific transactions with a limited time and budget. Take control of your construction budget & manage your spending proactively.
  • Physical Card that requires upfront authorization: No need to share your corporate card for last-minute material purchases. Approve transactions and add balance with one click. Gain budget visibility and manage project spending.
  • Unlimited virtual cards: Purchase cards for your employees with smart limits. Issue a virtual card within seconds. Construction payments made easy.