Make ACH Payments More Efficiently. It’s Easy with ACH.COM

Make ACH Payments More Efficiently. It’s Easy with ACH.COM

As Priority Commercial Payments’ proprietary automated clearing house, ACH.COM is the stand-alone ACH service of choice for banks and commercial customers across the country.

ACH.COM delivers key benefits that most other automated clearing house providers cannot:

  • Expertise & Proven Success: ACH.COM has multiple AAPs (Accredited ACH Professionals) on staff dedicated to providing you with an unsurpassed level of commitment and excellence in ACH payment expertise and knowledge.
  • Reliable & Real-time Reporting: ACH.COM offers you the most advanced online reporting capabilities, all in real-time. We help you measure results with a myriad of checks and balances for all transactions and reports for analysis.
  • Tier 1 Processor with Fed Terminal Onsite: ACH.COM is one of the few processors in the nation entrusted with a Fed Terminal onsite. This gives you earlier responses for return information and exception handling with the latest possible cut-off times.

ACH.COM is also built into CPX, Priority’s end-to-end integrated payables solution.

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