Lower Interchange Fees – MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer

Lower Interchange Fees – MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer

Merchants processing business-to-business transactions are charged some of the highest processing rates and B2B sales are typically higher in volume. This means those fees can add up fast. This is all due to the card brand’s requirement of level 2 and 3 data on B2B transactions. That’s why we’re here to help you realize how the MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer can lower interchange fees on B2B transactions all while increasing your revenue.*

At a glance, it’s easy to think most interchange optimizers are built the same, but our vast features compatible with the MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer provide more value for drastically lower than the competition. Merchants can access additional features without the additional fees so your merchants may reap the savings. Check out these compatible products with the X™ B2B Interchange Optimizer:

  • MX™ Quick Pay virtual terminal
  • MX™ Payment Links hosted payments page
  • MX™ Express mobile application
  • MX™ Merchant’s Customer’s payment vault
  • API Integrations
  • Semi-Integrated DevicesDejavoo Z series and the Ingenico ICT, Desk and Move series

Thus, using the MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer not only saves money on interchange fees but also on monthly SaaS fees!

*The Card Brands (not Priority) assign interchange categories to transactions based on a variety of factors, including without limitation, card-type, whether the transaction is swiped or keyed and other Card Brand rules, which may impact the amount of fees charged to merchants. Priority makes no warranties or guarantees regarding any such assignment or its impact on interchange fees.

How it Works:

The MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer App automatically provides required level 2 and 3 data to help provide a reduction in interchange rates BUT also allows merchants to edit the data before batching if specific data is needed by cardholders. This sets the MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer apart from others in the marketplace today and provides merchants the flexibility needed when accepting business-to-business transactions.

Learn More About MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer:

Check out this Product Overview, list of FAQs, and this fun animated video helping you and merchants visualize the savings.

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