Ingenico Tetra Desk and Move Lines Now Available Through MX™ Merchant

Ingenico Tetra Desk and Move Lines Now Available Through MX™ Merchant

Priority Payment Systems is excited to offer the Ingenico Tetra Desk/3500, Desk/5000 and the Wireless Move/5000

Put the power and flexibility of managing and viewing transaction data in the hands of your merchants with the new Tetra line via the MX™ Gateway. With Priority’s new proprietary application, merchants may now take advantage of these great features:

Instant Real-Time reporting through MX™ Merchant 

No more waiting! View LIVE transactions and batches run through these new payment terminals in MX™ Merchant instead of waiting until the next business day. Merchants can now track transaction information real-time whenever they log into MX™ Merchant.

Offer your merchants Level II and Level III Support with our MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer App With the MX™ B2B Interchange Optimizer, your brick and mortar retail merchants may now see savings on Level II and Level III processing without the use of a virtual terminal. With the B2B Interchange Optimizer App activated in MX™ Merchant, Level II and III corporate and government purchasing card data is automatically sent, which can save merchants 60–90 basis points on average!

Next Day Funding! This convenient feature is offered through our MX™ solution. Cut-off times for submissions are as follows:

• First Data must close by 6 PM EST • TSYS must close by 8 PM EST

Additional Features & Specifications Include:

  • Magstripe/EMV/NFC & Contactless including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay • Tip Adjust with EMV • Fallback Transactions • Auto Update — Terminal will automatically check for software updates and perform downloads automatically • Level II & III EMV Processing (B2B Application Required) • Online Voids and Reversals • Quick Chip Capable — Reduce EMV transaction times with Quick Chip. User is able to remove card prior to authorization completion for faster checkout times! • Ethernet Only • Available on both TSYS and First Data platforms
Desk/3500 Product Information
Ingenico Tetra Desk/3500

Desk/3500 Product Information

Accept any payment at the counter with Ingenico Group’s Desk/3500. Download the Desk/3500 Datasheet

Desk/5000 Product Information
Ingenico Tetra Desk/5000

Desk/5000 Product Information

Open your desktop to a world of Business Apps with Desk/5000. Download the Desk/5000 Datasheet

Move/5000 Product Information
Ingenico Tetra Move/5000

Move/5000 Product Information

Boost sales on-the-go with a world of Business Apps on Ingenico Group’s Move/5000. Download the Move/5000 Datasheet

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For Equipment Ordering, Boarding Guidelines, Download Instructions, and Quick Reference Guides, please view the documentation located in MX™ ISO/Agent via the file path:

Folders > MX Merchant > PPS Ingenico Countertop