Google Phases Out Card Payments. Now What? 

Google Phases Out Card Payments. Now What? 

You may have been notified that Google recently announced they’re phasing out credit card payments for “high-growth” advertisers utilizing Google Ads. As of July 31, 2024, affected advertisers will need to switch to bank-based payment options like monthly invoicing or direct debit.

While Google says this move offers more “flexibility” and “control,” we understand it can throw a wrench in your advertising plans. Especially if you rely on the convenience, float and rewards that come with using your card.

Even though Google Ads is no longer accepting cards directly, Plastiq can help make this transition painless by allowing you to still use your credit card to pay Google. Here’s how:

  1. Add Google as a vendor in Plastiq
  2. Plastiq processes your payment on your preferred card 
  3. Plastiq pays Google on your behalf using check, ACH, or wire 

With Plastiq, you can keep your Google Ads campaigns running smoothly without interrupting your workflow. We’ll handle sending Google their preferred payment method behind the scenes, ensuring your campaigns stay on track.

Ready to tackle this Google Ads change head-on?

Sign up for Plastiq today and keep your advertising running, all while enjoying the continued convenience and rewards of using your card. 

Once you’ve got your Plastiq account set up for Google Ads, you can utilize Plastiq for any other business payments as well. Plastiq lets you use your credit card to pay for a variety of business expenses that don’t typically accept them, like rent, wholesale goods, and even taxes! Consolidate all your business expenses in one place, streamline your payments, and maximize your credit card rewards – all with Plastiq!