EMV and Contactless Devices Now Available via the MX™ Merchant Virtual Terminal!

EMV and Contactless Devices Now Available via the MX™ Merchant Virtual Terminal!

Introducing the AnywhereCommerce Nomad POS—an all-in-one, customer-facing device that makes it easy to add EMV Contactless and Chip & Sign to MX™ Merchant. Combining this hardware with the MX™ Merchant B2B app, Customer Vault, Invoicing, and Recurring Billing provides a complete business solution for card-present and card-not-present environments.

In addition to the Nomad POS, the AnywhereCommerce Walker C2X reader is integrated with MX™ Merchant. Using the included USB cable, you can now add EMV Chip and Contactless support for card-present merchants using the MX™ Merchant Virtual Terminal.

Walker C2X Reader

Accept EMV Cards & Contactless Payments

Pairing the Walker C2X Reader with the optional cradle allows even more flexibility by providing a stable base that attaches to your countertop and keeps the device charged.

If your internet or power goes down, the Walker C2X Reader can offer a reliable back up option by downloading our MX™ Express application for iOS and Android—at no additional cost!


Nomad POS

Android-Based mPOS • Fully Integrated with MX™ Merchant

Set-up couldn’t be easier! Just log in to MX™ Merchant and register the device. Nomad POS communicates over WiFi only, so merchants offering curbside pick-up and contactless ordering can accept payments anywhere on their premises.


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