e|tab Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when new orders come in from e|tab?

e|tab offers flexibility and convenience when it comes to order notification for your restaurant. You may choose one or more options: Order Management Tablet (iOS or Android), Web-aware, intelligent receipt printer, email notification or text message (SMS) notification.

Can e|tab print orders directly to my kitchen?

Yes, with the addition of a Web-aware intelligent printer available here, e|tab can route jobs directly to your current Epson-based kitchen printing network. e|tab can also route jobs directly through integrated systems, like MICROS 3700.

Does e|tab integrate with my Point of Sale?

If your establishment uses the MICROS 3700 POS, e|tab can integrate directly with your existing POS and printing network. We are also working on integration with several other point of sale products in the coming months.

How does e|tab affect my Point of Sale?

e|tab has no impact on your Point of Sale, whatsoever. The process of taking the customer order, payment and delivery of the order to your restaurant is handled as an entirely separate process.

What should I do if my Order Management Tablet will not function?

Like any other software running on common third party devices like Apple and Android tablets, software may need to be restarted from time to time. Likewise, you will need to ensure that the device has a solid connection to the Internet.

How do I manage my online menu with e|tab?

e|tab typically assists our clients with their initial menu build and then supplied a comprehensive tool (Menu Builder) that allows our clients to manage items and make changes as-needed.

How do I know if my smart printer is functioning properly?

Simply turn the printer off for 10 seconds and restart. If the printer is connected to your network with Internet access, it will print “Succeeded to get IP Address.”

How do I receive sales reports from online sales?

You can choose to receive reports via email on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. Contact your agent with the desired reporting frequency to have automated reporting setup.

Can I set menu item availability?

Yes, menu items can be blocked from ordering outside their availability window. For instance, Breakfast items may only be available from 6am-11am while Lunch and Dinner items are available from 10am-10pm.

How can I void an order?

With the e|tab Order Management app, available in the iTunes App Store, you can void orders with authorized management credentials. Simply locate and select the order and click the “Void” button. Please note that you can only void an entire order – not single items within an order.

If my Internet goes down, can I still receive orders?

Yes. If you signed up for email and/or text alerts any orders that are placed while your Internet service is down will arrive as a text or email on any mobile data-enabled device.

I have existing Epson kitchen printers – do I need to buy more?

In most cases e|tab can utilize existing Epson printers that are connected to a local network. The only required printer needed to do this is the Epson T20II-I “Omnilink” smart printer – found here: https://partner.posportal.com/etab/etab/printers/epson-t20ii-i-omnilink-receipt-printer.html

Do I have to manage every order that comes in?

e|tab will enhance your workflow by sending orders to your kitchen based upon a custom lead time set by you. For instance, if a customer places an order to be picked up at 5pm and it takes 15 minutes for that meal to be produced, the order will automatically fire into the kitchen at 4:45pm. It does not require you or your staff to remember that order and send it to the kitchen manually.

I lost my Username and/or Passwords, how do I recover them?

Please contact your sales agent or an e|tab representative.

Can I set custom Discount and Promotion codes?

Yes, you can create unique discount or promotion codes for either a specific dollar amount or percentage off the order total. Please contact your agent for assistance with your first setup.

Can customers place orders in advance?

Yes, e|tab allows for orders to be placed up to a week in advance and for any day part that orders are normally allowed. Example: An order may be placed on Monday for 1:30pm pickup on Tuesday.

Do I need an Internet connection to use e|tab?

Yes, e|tab requires an Internet connection to speak with our secure cloud software.

How do I know that a customer has paid for their order?

ALL orders placed via e|tab are prepaid at the time of ordering – with no exceptions. Transactions are verified and completed before the restaurant ever receives a request to fulfill an order.

How do I receive payment for customers’ orders placed through e|tab?

e|tab directly deposits proceeds from your customer transactions into your account via ACH the very next day.

Who is responsible for creating the graphics for my Web/mobile ordering page?

e|tab has a professional design team in-house that will assist in creating your branded template site. All you need to do is supply your logo, any desired artwork and your brand colors.

How will I let my customers know that my restaurant now offers online ordering?

e|tab can provide both Basic and Advanced marketing support for your restaurant. Basic resources range from free guides to low cost, template based solutions. Advanced resources can range from new web sites to more sophisticated advertising and promotion.

Does the convenience fee model include all costs associated with the transaction?

No, the convenience fee model covers all costs associated with our software as a service (SaaS); credit cards fees are billed separately at a fixed rate of 2.75% + 10¢ per transaction.

Is the fixed monthly fee charged per location?

Yes, the fixed monthly cost of $139.99 is per unique location, as each instance of your restaurant may have unique menu items or other special requirements and each location is treated as a separate business with it’s own site.

Can my customers save their account information and order history?

Yes, customers can create an account using Facebook or by registering directly with e|tab. Once they have an account and log in, we can offer them their last five orders for simple reordering with a click of a button. NOTE: customers may also save payment information in a secure and PCI-compliant vault that allows them to order without ever having to enter card information again.

Can I have different store hours based on Order Type?

Yes, each order type has it’s own availability. For instance, you could have Carry Out orders available from 11am-10pm and Delivery orders only available from 11am – 7pm.

Can a customer edit an order set for the future?

No; all orders are paid and closed once they have been placed by the customer. The venue operator can void the original order and create a new one if there is an error or major change requested.