Why it Pays to Rent to Military Personnel

Why it Pays to Rent to Military Personnel

Finding quality tenants for a rental property can be challenging for a landlord. Even with the protocols of background checks and employment/income verification, renting to just anyone can often be a roll of the dice. There is one segment of society, however, that is instilled with specific qualities that can be very attractive to owners of rental property. Military personnel are endowed with discipline, accountability, and allotted housing income, giving them a distinct appeal over civilian renters.

Personal Habits Make Personable Tenants

Members of the military undergo rigorous training that addresses matters of hygiene, cleanliness, and operational tidiness. Sloppiness of any sort is not tolerated in the military and chances are very good that this trait carries over to a soldier’s home life. If military personnel who observe these habits are renting your property, it is safe to expect that the premises will be kept clean, free of trash and debris, and up to date on simple maintenance such as drywall repairs, yard work, and painting touch-ups.

Banking on Accountability

Military personnel are trained to be personally accountable for their commitments and behavior. Personnel are required to stay current on bills lest they face potential disciplinary action or demerits in hard-earned rank. In the off chance that a tenant is late on rent, a simple call to their commanding officer (CO) is a guaranteed way to solve the problem.

Predetermined Pay for Living Expenses

Personnel are able to arrange automatic deposits from their paycheck into a landlord’s bank account every time the corresponding monthly payday comes around. This money comes from a portion of a soldier’s pay known as Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), which is provided to those who elect to live off base as an additional dividend of their salary. Living off base is usually encouraged by this perk, and can make the rent collecting process as easy as a one-time digital transaction.

A Small Way to Say Thank You

The majority of the populace will never experience the military or fully understand the sacrifice that being enlisted requires of one person’s life. Many people sincerely want to reach out to someone in the U.S. Armed Forces and express gratitude. Giving military personnel rental preference over your property is a small way of saying ‘thank you’ for their choice to serve their country.

Attracting Military Personnel to Your Property

Owning rental property within 60 miles of a military base is an essential factor. Determine which bases in your area are within this proximity, then place a call to the base’s Housing Office. Request that your property be placed on a private list of available properties that will not be shared with the public. Given that most members of the military move every two to three years, there will be a constant influx of potential renters being directed towards your listing. Once an applicant has expressed interest in renting, you can contact the base and ask to see their Leave and Earning Statement (LES) to assure that your rental price is a manageable allotment within their budget. Lastly, there are numerous websites designed help military personnel find homes, such as and