New! MX™ Advantage Sales Sheets and Animated Video!

New! MX™ Advantage Sales Sheets and Animated Video!

With so many fee-based solutions in the marketplace today, merchants are even more confused
about which solution best fits their need, so we’ve created 5 new Sales Sheets and a fun
Animated Video to help you resell MX™ Advantage’s Suite of Solutions! We understand
that more often than not, you are assisting merchants with choosing the solution that fits their
needs based on business type and model, so we’ve created a sales sheet for each solution!
Now, you may customize your offering when reselling MX™ Advantage and help merchants sift
through all the confusion.

Check out the 4 new sales sheets below!
Convenience Fee
Non-cash Adjustment
Service Fee

And to keep things fun, we’ve created an animated video to help merchants visualize the suite
of solutions and how each solution works! Come see what Priya, Priority’s representative is up
to next with the MX™ Advantage Animated Video.

Don’t forget! If you’re uncertain about how to activate MX™ Advantage for your merchant, need more detailed information or an overall product overview of the solutions, click below.
MX™ Advantage Product Overview
MX™ Advantage Activation Guide
MX™ Advantage FAQs