How To Patch Stucco Exterior

How To Patch Stucco Exterior

Stucco looks incredible and durable when you first see it.

It’s a surface that can protect an exterior against the damaging elements of just about any type of weather.

Yet over time, the cement shell that forms a stucco exterior can crack under weather changes, buckle under the pressure of landscaping, and damage the wall itself.

Stucco that is properly installed and maintained as been known to last for a century.

If you see cracks beginning to form in your stucco exterior, however, then you’ll need to make a patch.

Here’s how you’ll do it.

Step #1: Break Off Any Loose Stucco.

The goal is to remove the damaged concrete without damaging the wood lath underneath it.

Most folks will use a hammer for this, but a hammer and chisel combination tends to provide the best results. You will want to only have stucco that is firmly attached to the wall.

Cut away any metal mesh.

Then cover the repair site with builder’s paper and add new metal mesh.

Step #2: Mix Up Your Stucco Recipe.

You’ll need about half a bag of Portland cement, 6 shovels of mason’s sand, 1 shovel of hydrated lime, and 0.5 cup of an acrylic bonding agent.

Mix this together in a wheelbarrow until it looks like cement frosting.

You now have about 30 minutes to apply your stucco patch.

Make sure you wash off any stucco that gets on your skin right away because it can cause burns.

Step #3: Apply The Stucco.

Using a cement trowel, begin to apply the stucco directly to the repair area. A thinner coat works better than a thicker coat while making this repair.

As the stucco begins to dry, you can add a second and even a third coat to the exterior.

Use the trowel to spread the stucco smooth and flush with the rest of the wall. Any small holes or cracks that could not be removed earlier can be filled as well.

Allow to dry for 72 hours.

Step #4: Paint To Match.

Now you’re ready to paint the exterior of your home to cover the repair area.

You may need to paint the entire home depending on the amount of fading that has occurred.

Knowing how to patch a stucco exterior can give your home up to a century of being able to withstand the elements. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to fix your home up in no time at all.