How To Patch Drywall Ceiling

How To Patch Drywall Ceiling

One of the most common household chores that gets put off is fixing a crack in a drywall ceiling.

Although this task can be somewhat labor-intensive, the actual step by step process is rather easy.

Make sure you have a stepladder, scaffold, or platform that can let you safely reach the repair site. Once you do, you’ll be ready to follow these steps.

1. Gather Your Necessary Tools And Equipment.

You’re going to need joint compound, a putty knife, and a drywall sander. If the crack is rather wide, you will want to have some drywall tape.

You’ll also want matching paint, texture or spackle if necessary, and a paint brush.

2. Clean Out The Drywall Crack.

Most cracks can be brushed out by hand.

A small soft-bristle brush can help to clean out dust or debris that is difficult to remove.

A shop vacuum cleaner can also pull out stuck items.

Do not use water or other liquids.

3. Apply The Drywall Tape [Optional].

If you need to use drywall tape, now is the time to apply it.

Make sure the crack is center-positioned underneath the tape so you have a strong repair.

4. Apply The Joint Compound.

Using your putty knife, apply the joint compound directly into the crack or on top of the drywall tape.

Use short horizontal strokes to create a firm repair and then long vertical strokes to create a flush surface.

Allow to completely dry, which may take 2-8 hours depending on the thickness of the compound.

5. Sand It Down Flush.

Take your drywall sander to the joint compound that has completely dried and create a flush surface with the rest of your wall.

It’s fine if you can kind of see the drywall tape through the joint compound.

6. Add Texture [Optional].

If your ceiling has been textured, now is the time to add this component.

Apply it to the repair site and overlap it to the rest of the ceiling for a seamless look.

Allow the texture to dry completely.

Once your texture has dried, your ceiling is now ready to receive a new coat of paint.

If your paint is more than 12 months old, enough fading has likely occurred that just painting the repair site won’t be good enough to create a seamless repair.

Finish this final step and you’ll know how to patch a drywall ceiling.